best of: Society 6

“Take it Easy” throw pillow by Heather Landis.

Because we all need a little reminder sometime. And what better place to remember to chillax then on the sofa. Chill pills sold separately.

“Get in Loser” tote by Moop.

We all have that one friend. Here’s to always saying ‘yes’, being down for anything, and ridin’ until the wheels fall off.

“Coffee Talk” tote by David Olenick.

Because we all know who really runs the show everyday. Hip hip hooray for the number two most consumed beverage in the world. May this cute little mug be a daily reminder of our daily coffee worship.

“Outfit of the Day” tote by Naomikado.

Basically how we feel every rainy day. Very fitting for the home office. Would this work for business casual client meetings?? Hope so.