Cool new gadgets for 2018

Introducing the reverse microwave… the most amazing home kitchen technology to be released in decades. It can cool and freeze food and drinks in mere minutes, and it even doubles as a traditional microwave.

While there is no set release date, it is believed that the device will be available in the the near future.

Smart glasses are far from a new invention. From the outside, the Vaunt glasses look just like eyeglasses. When you’re wearing them, you see a stream of information on what looks like a screen — but it’s actually being projected onto your retina. Intel’s new Vaunt glasses, offer a streamline design that’s vastly more user friendly.

No one should drink and drive but it can be difficult to monitor your blood alcohol content levels without taking a breathalyzer test. Over-the-counter tests can be clumsy and awkward to use in public.

BACtrack SKYN makes tracking your drinking effortless. It measures the alcohol coming from your skin and gives you an estimate of your alcohol level in real-time. No more guesswork. Available as a wristband or integrates with apple watch.

Many people are concerned about pollution levels in their communities, and one new device is aiming to warn people when they are in an area with low air quality. This portable device is known as Flow, and it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Powerful sensors monitor air quality, and Flow will let you know in an instant.

The Homepod is Apple’s latest attempt at changing the way we listen to music forever. These voice controlled smart speakers are the first to be fully integrated with Siri and Apple Music. The speaker hardware itself is cutting edge and uses special sensors to visualize the room it’s in and adapt it’s settings to emit the best acoustic experience possible.