Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is the breaking down of old habits and practices that, in turn, create new and powerful means of expression. When the walls come down, old habits die and new avenues of expression and innovation appear. This creates opportunity for creative expansion and the advertising industry is experiencing massive creative destruction.

The digital revolution is nothing to be feared and is changing the way we speak to our audience. Technology has always been a spur to creativity but it’s about the companies that are willing to grab this opportunity by the (you know what). Audiences want to be entertained, engaged, amused and titillated. They want to interact with your brand and be passionate. And they want it to be constantly new.

This is the age of the brand, the most exciting time to be advertising and marketing to your customers. It’s time to embrace the new digital landscape or get swept away in the likeness of Hoover… once an iconic brand, now living in the shadow of the inventiveness and style of the premium-priced and super-sucking Dyson.

Are you ready for the next age of advertising?