Don’t be a victim of time.

Good morning Monday! Just a friendly reminder that now is always the time. Watches, clocks and gadgets don’t work because they are only systems used to manage time. We all live in real time, and real time is mental. It exists between your ears. It flys when you’re having fun and drags when you’re doing taxes… so… Create it. Anything you create, you manage. Regardless of what you’re doing, time is spent in three ways: thoughts, conversation and actions.

Some time management tips we live by:

1.Dedicating the first half of each day to being creative, then taking calls and going to meetings for the management side of things after lunch.

2. The over-use of apps, lists and time systems ignores the real issue – how to manage yourself.

3. Choose 2-3 priorities to complete in a day and you will complete those 2-3 tasks. If you have 4-10, you will complete 1-2. If you have more than 10, you will complete none.

4. Delegate. Know your strengths and work to them. Pass off smaller tasks to colleagues that may be more efficient at it, freeing up more time to focus on priorities.