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frequently asked questions
Whitelaw Mitchell FAQ's
frequently asked questions
Designers. Developers. Strategists.

So what exactly do you guys do?

Designers. Developers. Strategists. Whatever. Labels are for canned peaches, not creatives. We deliver solutions. And we utilize more tools than Iron Man to make it happen. If you’re a spreadsheet kinda person, then we have a long list of capabilities we can send you. But we prefer to summarise what we do by saying we make beautiful things that deliver results.

marketing strategies

Do you create marketing strategies?

You mean ideas? Yes, we have lots of those. If branding is the “being” then marketing is the “doing”. But instead of presenting us with your marketing ideas, bring us your problems and we’ll strategically plan tactics. It’s what you’re paying us for.

Whitelaw Mitchell

Whitelaw Mitchell sounds like a law firm.

We’ll take that as a compliment. It’s the combinations of the partners last names (we’re so Mad Men), and it conveniently sounds “law-firmy” because our parents think we graduated from law school. Which they’re very proud of, so let’s not say anything to them, OK?

logo design

But I just need a logo.

We build brands from the ground up. A logo is just one identifying mark of your brand. And the clients we like to work with invest in brand strategy, an entire visual identity system, and yes…. a logo. In short, we really only offer the whole kit-n-caboodle, including re-doing that horrendous website you tried to make on WIX. (no offence).

how much will brand strategy cost

Ummm how much is this gonna cost me?

We sound like a lawyer firm, and we charge like one too. Long gone are the days in Uni where we trade a logo for a box of beers. Our bigger projects are usually priced at a fix rate because it’s taken us a long time (and a lot of money – thanks mum!) to get this good and super-fast at creating ideas, and we work with clients who value our expertise. We’ll still take that box of beers, but you’re going to need a healthy budget to work with us. When we have the time to put in the hours, innovation is born. You’ll reap the rewards of good brand strategy long after you’ve paid your last invoice.

design briefs

I don’t know what I want yet but I know what I don’t want.

We love getting into your briefs, especially the bulky ones. That soggy cocktail napkin you wrote your notes on? Sure, we’ll take that but it’s gonna cost ya. The better briefed we are, the more efficient we can be with time, so although we may give you some homework, it’s all for the benefit of your brand.

design timelines

Can you start this right now? I need it by 5pm. No, really, it’s urgent.

Well, we don’t have a time portal and if we did, we’d probably go back to 1946 and prevent the conception of Donald Trump. But until someone makes one, your rush project means working late nights and weekends. Which also means lots of gourmet dinner deliveries and expensive wine. So, if you don’t mind stretching that pocket a little, let’s make some midnight magic.

SEO agency

I know exactly what I want, it’s a super easy website. I could probably just do it myself, I just don’t have time.

“All you need is a domain name, right?! What does ‘hosting’ mean?!” You know the phrase, “you get what you pay for”, well, it truly applies here. The technology that goes into building websites is very sophisticated and so is the strategy that goes into it. This is where we thrive. Your time is best spent running your business, so save yourself a lot of time and money by letting the professionals do what they do best, (and that includes you). And YES, you need SEO. (P.S. We do that too)

creative solutions

Right, I love the work you guys do, I’m in. Where do we go from here?

This is by far our favourite thing to hear. Next step is a fruitful partnership, we will shout the name of your brand from every rooftop until someone calls noise control. You vow to trust us and we vow to make brilliant creative solutions for your brand. Pretty good deal if you ask us.

Let’s get to work.

Entrepreneurs are the most hard-working and passionate people we know, it’s why we specialise in their goals. Founders who seize the opportunity to invest the time and funds into building creative business strategy sleep better at night.

Tell us who you are and what you do, we already know the why.