Products We Love

Form and function come together with these stunning salt and pepper grinders from North of Here. Can we have all the colours please? That’s a lot of seasoning… we’re ok with that.

If you’ve ever been tempted to want to eat a candle, this would be the one. Beautifully packaged, locally made and 5% of every purchase goes to charity. Officially making Neve our new favourite candle line.

After the most unusual sitting stool on the market? Or making your coworkers with extremely jealous with this new rocking chair at your desk? Look no further than here.

Sober October has never been easier. These premium alcohol-free spirits are taking over the world. This is one you definitely want to try.

Looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life? Nip into Gents in Queenstown to find some really cool, super-manly grooming gifts and accessories.

These stunning brass shoe horns that say “No one can fill my father’s shoes” just might be the perfect gift for dad.