Our top tips to take your landing page to infinity and beyond.

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Whitelaw Mitchell Staff By Rebecca Lynch
Marketing Strategist

Your landing page is your own personal Instagram bio, it captures who you are, or who you want people to think you are in just a few short seconds. It’s your elevator pitch, your opportunity to persuade people to seal the deal.

The only difference between your IG bio and landing page is you are collecting customer data, not trying to increase your likes, follows and influencer status. 

Here are our landing page top tips to take your customers to infinity and beyond.

  1. Landing Page Copy
  2. Negative Page Space
  3. Engaging Graphics
  4. Data Capture

Even though we have given away some of our greatest secrets already – keep reading, we promise it’s stacked full of insights!

Landing Page Copy

You need to be concise, not generic. 

You need the fancy graphics, the colours, the logos and the branding, but you also need strong brand lines and brand copy. The copy is an art form all of its own, it needs to be concise without losing readability. 

Start by making a clear value proposition and promise that will tap into the intended audiences ever changing requirements and aspirations. This in itself, might get you across the line, or might be enough to entice a scroll down. 

Scrolling down on a landing page is phenomenal – that might seem like a stretch to some but let us enlighten you. Website landing pages have some of the highest bounce rates, putting all businesses under a time crunch from the get go –  even more so with the younger demographic becoming more and more swipe, scroll and click savvy. 

So they have scrolled and landed on your micro copy or more commonly known as the body copy or body text. Think your call to action, which believe it or not still needs to tell your brand story with a sprinkle of personalisation. Call to action sends most sales focused brains to the “buy now” sales spiral call to action. Buy now feels like sales focused pushy tactic used to get sales across the line with no creative flare. 

In short keep your copy concise but always make it yours.

After all, your audience can read generic copy anywhere and everywhere. Don’t make your landing page another generic IG Bio of a woman who likes sunsets and long walks on the beach – just don’t.  

Room to breathe – no one likes clutter except your nana 

Clutter, just like people, landing pages need space to breath and let their creative juices flow. Empty space isn’t always wasted space. Adding the smallest portion of negative space can make all the difference when it comes to performance. The negative space not only assists with performance but it leaves an element of intrigue, your audience isn’t being bombarded by competing elements. 

Yes, it might make the landing page a bit longer but it will give your audience the opportunity to grow with your brand messaging and have the spaces they need to make their decision.  

So, now we have the copy, the space and the start of something new – surely there is more to it than that?? 

Graphics, videos and all that creative stuff 

Straight off the bat, adding videos to a landing page can increase conversions by a whopping 86%, this is because as human beings we are primed to track motion. You know how when you leave the office at 5pm and think, I’ve got time to do a few more emails when I get home. You get home, chuck on a mundane tv show as background noise and sit down with your laptop to crack into those additional late night emails … yet you find yourself more intrigued as to why Alf Stewart has had to “stone the flaming crows” for the 3rd time this week? 

The simple answer is motion – human instinct is to track this. So presuming that your audience are primarily humans, video content will get their attention. WIN! 

Not only this but video gives brands the opportunity to showcase more than one side of their brand, it gives the opportunity to highlight a variety of key brand components and creative elements. 

Data will always be king 

Yes, graphics, concise copy and minimalistic tendencies are all crucial, but, data capture is still going to trump these. This is what it all comes down to and what all the effort was made for! By this point, you’ve got them hook, line and nearly sinker, so just get them across that data finish line. 

Ensure your data capture is as clear as can be and only asks for the need to know details – too many self-populated fields and they will start dropping like flies! 

Form submission that captures name, contact details and the opportunity to provide more detail (should they want to) is all you ned to start direct marketing one to one contact. 

And that’s a wrap, however if you are looking to dive deeper into landing page top tips and best practices, come and chat to us, we have all the tea, bikkies and insider tips you need!   


Whitelaw Mitchell staff By Rebecca Lynch
Marketing Strategist


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