New Music Mondays

Let’s kick off new music mondays with a little House Work by Jax Jones. If you’re not in the office doing a little ‘werk werk’, you’re probably at home doing a little post Easter cleanup to this banger.

Brittany Howard, a twentysomething singer from Alabama, bolts out in a husky moaning-in-the-moonlight drawl, riding a groove steeped in the stew of Muscle Shoals and Stax-Volt. Highly recommend listening to all their albums.

“The sounds, the vocals and the rhythm of this song is so haunting, that i’ll still echo in your head well after you’re done listening. Its so soothing and I recommend buying it.”

Tender bass and glowing synths that continue to swell like any proper rave-ready jam. It’s hard to really care much about trends and genre rules when you’re feeling this high.

Southern California bred indie rock giants Local Natives don’t really have casual fans. Generally speaking, people will either evangelize them, or scratch their heads, wondering what all the fuss is about. We dig it and we hope you do too.