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Meet Kimberly Whitelaw and Maranda Mitchell. Founders of Whitelaw Mitchell. We can confidently say we’re doing our life’s work and not a day goes by that we aren’t overcome with gratitude for creating our dream jobs.

We’ve taken huge risks, experienced our fair share of failures and transformed our business since joining forces several years ago. We often joke with each other about our plans for the upcoming weekend, in which one of us will reply “same thing as always… making plans to take over the world”. It’s funny but all too true. You’ll be hard pressed to find two people more passionate about their work.

We never get comfortable, and we’ll never be content. It’s not how we grow. Our theory is: if it’s 50% terrifying and 50% exciting then we’re really onto something good. Our process, values and tone-of-voice is like a straight shot of espresso – full of energy and definitely an acquired taste. We understand we aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve read our ethos, you’ll know we don’t want to be.

Same goes for our clientele. Working with like-minded people and founders is our first priority of business. While business relationships are no doubt a different beast than personal relationships (more formal, thankfully less intimate), the human behavior behind forming these bonds is the same. Chemistry is the most important element to a fruitful partnership. Getting to know each other with open arms to help foster will the necessary connection to make professional fireworks.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our carefully curated team of talent. One of our personal definitions of success is to build a company that people want to work for. We embrace professional development learning for our team and ourselves. An investment that directly contributes to a thriving culture and intrinsically rewarding work.

All we’re missing is a cute office dog. Currently accepting applications.

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