Creating Authentic Images: Stock vs. Custom Photography

The world of stock photography can be taboo. Dancing on the beach in white linen and unrealistic attractive business people with cheesy smiles comes to mind. In the early years of the internet, these images were so common it could induce nausea.

The modern world of stock photography is worlds apart from it’s cheesy roots. While there is still an abundance of hokey, vain imagery being used, there are some high quality stock image suppliers that are playing the game right. Not without a price however. Quality stock images can cost hundreds to thousands per image, depending on the usage and copyrights.

Stock photography can be used in a pinch as it’s more convenient and certainly has it place in the design world. We can’t really say outright one option is better than the other, but custom photography is usually better, but requires more time and resources.

Humanise your brand. Custom photography let’s your audience know that you don’t cut corners. That you value them enough to make a good impression.

Custom photography gives you control over content, products and your project. It’s tailored to your needs, your images are owned by you and ends up being a long-term investment as your images can be used over and over. With custom photography you have the control over what your photos express, and you have the freedom to accurately tune them into your brand or personality.

Bottom line is, with custom photography, your buying originality. Customisable, credible and flexible. If time and budget allows, consider custom photography for your brand, website or print materials. It will make your collateral that much more attractive, honest and convincing. Authenticity is like currency… spend it wisely or it will be wasted.


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Images ©Whitelaw Mitchell.