The Power of the Pencil

At Whitelaw Mitchell, many of our design projects begin by hand. Although computers make processes much faster, we find that creating designs by pencil and paper delivers a far more refined design.

Digital tools have become so good and ubiquitous that it’s tempting to use them for every part of the creative process. It’s not always a good thing and can even hinder creativity. Many people assume all graphic design was made on a screen, but as designers we can choose how much we want to work with it.

We start a lot of projects by sketching and use technology to refine our concepts in digital form. That way a computer is just a step in the creative process but doesn’t dictate how we create. When you’re constantly looking at a screen, you might forget that you can also make mistakes, and that interesting things can come from that.

We don’t want to work in an industry where art is produced cheap and fast, because that’s not how high-quality work comes to being. We make mistakes, we play around and we disconnect… all to keep creating with fresh eyes.